What's a Drum-circle like?

Why drum?

People join our workshops for all sorts of reasons. For some it’s a personal challenge. Maybe as a first musical instrument. Others join in because they love drumming in a group.

In a drum circle the energy and power of drumming is amplified. We connect through the rhythm, making a compelling music together.

Like a workout or a meditation, drumming brings our minds into focus and settles our soul. We become aware only of the rhythms we play, our hands on autopilot, we enter a flow state, and play as one.

About HuskiDrumming

HuskiDrumming was established in April 2017 to promote drumming within Huskisson and it’s surrounding village areas.

Jamie Bedson, drum circle facilitator and founder of HuskiDrumming, is a dedicated teacher and student of traditional West African drumming.

He travelled to Ghana in 2019 to study West African drumming and returned with rich musical experiences of the culture he encountered there.

Since returning he has continued to teach and share his passion for drumming with community groups throughout the Shoalhaven including schools, staff development and team buidling workshops, youth camps and aged care facilities. 


Our Values and Goals

HuskiDrumming workshops and drum-circles aim to create an inclusive and immersive space where we connect through making music as a group.

Together we learn traditional West African rhythms and create arrangements to suit the dynamics of the group.

Everyone is welcome and you don’t need to be an experienced drummer.
There is a place in our circle for everyone.