Firstly Take your place in the circle

Our workshops are about hands on playing. Wherever you are on your learning journey, from beginner to advanced, we will help you to learn, and to find the rhythms that suit you.

Our drum circle facilitator’s job is to introduce some cool rhythms and break them down into small steps, helping everyone in the group to find their groove. We’ll introduce and lead each rhythm, offering just enough instruction to keep everyone on the groove.
At some point the rhythms seem to take over and we find ourselves no longer thinking, just playing, our heads, hands and bodies in the flowof the music.

A circle of drummers, beginners alongside experienced players, all in sync and making great music together. It’s a really powerful and unique experience, and it’s what keeps us coming back for more.

Huskisson Community Centre

Saturday 10am -12pm Thursday Coming Soon
all welcome